What makes someone rich and another poor? How can we live honest and hard working lives and still struggle?

The answer is Financial Power. Having more Financial Power gives you a greater influence over market forces than those who have less power. Unfortunately, the majority of this power is concentrated in the hands of only a few.

This imbalance of power favors the wealthy minority and is responsible for many of our economic woes including our great income inequality

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Our leaders have and continue to implement economic policies that are always flawed because they do not recognize that such a power imbalance exists.

Activists are passionately fighting to change the system. But their strategies are failing because they rely on engaging in cliché class warfare. Strikes and occupations appear to divide our society more than they do achieving anything substantial.

Our admiration of the birds ability to fly motivated mankind to find it’s own mechanical set of wings. Why try to fight and tax the rich when we can focus our energy on gaining Financial Power for ourselves by establishing Banking Commons? These banks can achieve more then any strike or occupation can.

The wealthy only use it as a tool to bring petty riches.

In society’s hands, such power could be used to enrich our existence.

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